President’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new website. I hope you will return here again and again as your source to connect with other Black journalists, media professionals and communicators from across Canada.

Our new look is a reflection of the direction we’re taking the Canadian Association of Black Journalists. I am looking forward to taking that journey with you as we grow and fulfill our vision of being more inclusive to all media specialists across Canada and expand our ability to provide resources to seasoned professionals and up and coming students.

Since I joined the CABJ in 2007 as the Vice President Broadcast, I’ve been passionate about expanding the opportunities we all have to not only showcase our talents, but secure our place in all aspects of journalism and communications.

About three years ago, I read an interesting report which has since been making headlines about the changing landscape of Canada as we approach the year 2017. Statistics Canada predicts the Black/African-Canadian community will be the third largest visible minority group (after South Asian and Asian groups).

This shift represents a growing opportunity and more than ever before, a chance to tell stories and provide a perspective of the issues affecting our community. A chance for African-Canadian journalists and communicators to position themselves in roles where they can tell their stories, produce features and provide context to our increasingly diverse cities.

Social media roles and applications added a new dimension of how the Black community can connect and grow. To be successful, we need to leverage the tools at our disposal, but more importantly connect and support one another.

Whether you’re a print or broadcast journalist, in public relations, or on the technical side or forging new ground in the area of new and social media, we undoubtedly have the skills to fully take advantage of all avenues of communication. Let’s move in the right direction together!

Michelle Lynch
CABJ President